Программа подготовки магистров: Global Order — Transformation and Challenge

Global Order — Transformation and Challenge


Дуткевич Пётр,

We shall “supply “ all 7 lectures stream. I will formalize relations with MSU in form of a MOU with Carleton (or other University)

Language : English

List of themes (7 will be mandatory after agreement with Moscow State)

  1. Core Course : International Politics: Theory and Issues (first and second semester – two instructors)
  2. Core Course : Methodology — Quantitative and Qualitative Methods (two instructors)
  3. Migration and Refugees — security and humanitarian aspects.
  4. International Organizations, New Hegemons or weak partners.
  5. International Financial Institutions – integration or subordination.
  6. Global revolt and global order.
  7. Politics of Integration – from EU to EEU (two instructors EU /EEU).
  8. Major issues in International Politics (Food , energy, development – two instructors)
  9. Key Issues in International Relations – seminar with Russian Parliament (Duma) guests lecturers/visitors and essays based on those seminars  (participation – 16 HOURS PER SEMESTER )


  1. Select themes; add, cut etc.
  2. Select instructors — sign contracts;
  3. Develop course outlines with potential instructors;
  4. Translation to Russian and approval process;
  5. Organize teaching process via Department of Political Science Moscow State University