Программа подготовки магистров: Global Order — Transformations and Challenges

Global Order — Transformations and Challenges


Дуткевич Пётр,

Research supervisor: Ph.D., professor and Director of the Center for Governance and Public Management of the Carleton University (Ottawa, Canada), professor of the Department of international relations and integration processes of MSU Piotr Dutkiewicz.

Our graduates will receive of practical skills and a set of theoretical knowledge about the specifics of the modern system of international relations and the dynamics of global processes.

Preparing of masters in the program «The Global Order: Transformations and Challenges» will be reading in ENGLISH. Professors of the faculty of political science and foreign professors from Canada, the USA, Italy, Germany, Sweden and other countries are involve in its implementation.
Graduates of the program will work in international organizations, governmental authorities and large multinational corporations.

• Cooperation and Conflict in International politics
• Theories of International Relations: A Critical Approach
• The Politics of Integration – EU / EEU
• Migration and Refugees: Humanitarian Aspects and Security
• International Organizations – New Hegemons or Weak Partners
• Governing a Global World
• Regional problems in world politics

• Political Thought of the XX-XXI centuries Global dimensions of regional problems
• Political Discourse in the Global World
• The State and Global Order
• War as a Global and Regional Phenomenon
• International relations and conflict: modern approaches to conflict resolution
• National and Regional security
• Intercultural Communication in International Relation
• Foreign regional studies