Bachelor degree programs (in Russian) – 4 years:

Political science
Political management and public relations
Political communication studies
Economic policy of modern states
Conflict management

Master degree programs – 2 years:

Political science (in Russian)
Conflict management (in Russian)
Global Order: Transformations and Challenges (in English, in collaboration with MGIMO University)
Post Soviet Public Policy (in English, in collaboration with MGIMO University)
Russian policy studies (in English, in collaboration with MGIMO University)


International applicants have to take the following entrance exams:

For bachelor degree programs: 

— Russian as a foreign language (oral exam)

— History of Russia (oral exam)

For master degree programs: 

— Political Science (written exam)



Bachelor degree programs in 2019-20 RUR 411 070;
Master degree programs in 2019-20 RUR 418 470.



Filled application form (the form will be provided by the Faculty while submitting other documents).
A valid passport;
A notarized Russian translation of the passport (if there is no Russian visa and no information in Russian in the passport)
A valid visa (if needed for coming to Russia; you can take exams on a tourist visa. After successfully passing the exams, it is necessary to sign a contract for education and leave the country before the beginning of the academic year. Therefore, tourist visa must meet this deadline);
A migration card;
A migration registration;
An original education document:
School Leaving Certificate (High school diploma) for Bachelor programs;
Bachelor diploma for Master programs;
An original transcript of records;
Russian translation of the education document and the transcript of records (should be done and notarized in Russia, or made in the country, where it was obtained but notarized at the Russian Embassy or Consulate);
Legalization / apostille on the education document and the transcript of records (should be done at the Russian Embassy or Consulate in the country where the documents were issued);
A certificate of equivalence of the education document (can be made at the University after providing all other documents or beforehand in the Main State Center for Education Evaluation, https://nic.gov.ru/en);
Medical certificate given by Medical facilities, confirming that you do not have contraindications for studies in the Russian Federation and at the faculty you are applying to;
The AIDS test result confirming that you do not have AIDS, valid on the territory of the Russian Federation;
8 photos, 3×4, matte;

IMPORTANT: Please make sure that your name is translated into Russian in the same way in all the documents! If there is a discrepancy in the name in the notarized translations of the passport, diploma and visa, you will have to further verify your identity at the Embassy.

After being admitted the student has to enter the country on a study visa, issued on a special invitation, which will be prepared by the faculty.



For bachelor degree programs 

Submission period from June 17 to July 10, 2019.

Dates of entrance exams:

Russian – June 19, July 14

History – June 24, July 11

For master degree programs 

Submission period from June 17 to July 20, 2019.

Dates of entrance exams:

Political Science – June 27, July 25  (You are able to choice)



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