Master Program / The Global Order: Transformations and Challenges


Master Program «The Global Order: Transformations and Challenges» is aimed at studying the features of modern international relations and its separate dimensions. Program is implemented in the «Public policy» field in MGIMO and in the «Political science» field in MSU. The title of the Program at MGIMO is «Russian Policies Studies».

The courses of this master program are taught by the leading lecturers from both MSU and MGIMO as well as by world-class specialist from foreign universities that allows focusing on specific nature of social and political processes perception in the post-soviet area.

This program provides for the scientific advances in research in the sphere of international relations and foreign policy, modern theories, and methods of global politics research. Students will gain knowledge of core institutions and principles of international law, global and regional economic trends, role and position of Russia in global politics.

Graduates will obtain MSU and MGIMO degrees along with unique competencies that ensure a proactive role in terms of modern world threats. The combination of modern traditions of humanitarian education and practical preparation allows graduates to become highly demanded specialists.


― Congenial educational environment;
― Dormitory for non-resident and foreign students;
― Internships, summer schools, and exchange programs with leading foreign universities and research centers;
― Two diplomas from leading universities in Russia – Lomonosov Moscow State ― University and MGIMO of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation (get more information about studying at MGIMO);
― Expert lecturers;
― Innovative modular-rating system;
― Opportunity for foreigners to study the Russian language;
― Effective career guidance from program faculty;
― Opportunity to continue in postgraduate and doctoral studies (Ph.D. and Dr. degrees).


― Politics of Integration – EU / EEU;
― International Organizations – New Hegemons or Weak Partners;
― Migration and Refugees: Humanitarian Aspects and Security;
― Regional Problems in World Politics;
― Theories of International Relations: A Critical Approach.


― Cooperation and conflict in international politics;
― Eurasian integration: history, theory, prospects;
― International institutions as instruments of global regulation;
― Globalization and its challenges;
― Legislative lobbying;
― World order and global governance tools;
― Migration and multiculturalism;
― Corporate law and management in the Russian Federation, etc.


Students of the program have the opportunity to apply for the Scholarship named after A.S. Panarin. The Scholarship can cover up to 100% of tuition fees (get more information about scholarship opportunities)

Information for applicants

Direction of training 41.04.04 «Political Science»
Duration of training 2 years
Number of vacancies (at the expense of the state budget)
Number of vacancies (paid) 10
Number of vacancies (paid) for international students 10
Implementation language English language
Degree Master’s degree in the direction of 41.04.04 «Political Science»
Document Document
Entrance exam The written exam in political science

Program Heads

Prof. Leonid SLUTSKY
(Head of the Department of International Relations and Integration Processes)

Prof. Tatiana ALEKSEEVA
(Moscow State Institute of International Affairs, Head of the Department of Political Theory)


Phone Number: +7 (495) 939 – 57 – 84

Адрес: Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Political Science, Department of Public Policy (Lomonosovsky Prospekt, 27/4, office Г – 210).

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